A book lover’s dream – The Library Hotel

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Located a couple blocks from the New York Public Library on “Library Way” is a one of a kind boutique hotel that any book lover would love to stay in. The Library Hotel as you might have guessed is a hotel with a library theme, which helps to make it a memorable experience for guests. Each floor is dedicated to a specific category within the Dewey Decimal System such as Social Science, Literature and Languages. I stayed in the Technology floor and therefore all the books in my room were related to that topic!





There is also a Reading Room that contains an abundance of books to choose from. Since the hotel offers complimentary snacks all day long, it is a great place to take a break from a busy day of sightseeing and relax with a pick me up and a good read. Every evening between 5pm-8pm they also provide complimentary wine/Prosecco and assorted snacks such as crackers, cheese and pastries. It is the perfect pre-dinner delight!








If you are looking for a place to socialize over delicious cocktails then you don’t even have to leave the hotel (which believe me is a definite plus during one of the Big Apples notoriously chilly winter nights), as Bookmark’s Lounge on the 14th floor has everything you would need for a fun night. There is a poetry room, writers den and a terrace to accommodate whatever you are in the mood for. I went on a very cold New York City day so we decided to stay indoors, however there is a room that has a glass top so even though we were inside, we could still look up at the stars as we sipped on cocktails.






There was a nice long list of speciality drinks to choose from, so I decided to venture away from my usual Jack Daniels and Diet Coke. My friend Melissa and I both decided to try drinks from the seasonal list of cocktails. Melissa got a Pumpkin Spice Latte which reminded me of an alcoholic version of the incredibly popular Fall Starbucks coffee drink. It was served warm as well, so it was an ideal choice after spending a long day outside in the cold. I had a Peach Cobbler which basically tasted like a peach cobbler, but did not have an overwhelming dessert flavor. It was the perfect mix for an evening drink.




The next morning we went down to the Reading Room to eat at the complimentary breakfast buffet which included bagels, cereal, fruit, yogurt, tea , coffee and a variety of pastries. After having a late night at Bookmark’s Lounge, I was happy to be able to stroll downstairs for breakfast instead of hunting around the freezing streets of New York to look for a place to eat. Since checkout time is at the unusually convenient time of 1pm, we ate our breakfast and went back to our room for a little extra sleep before heading out for the day. Now that is an ideal morning!



Thank you to Library Hotel for providing our stay. All opinions are, as always, my own. 

35 thoughts on “A book lover’s dream – The Library Hotel

  1. Your photos make me want to jump on a plane and visit this hotel. My husband and I are traveling more alone since our children are almost grown and we enjoy staying in non-chain hotels.


  2. Now that’s what I’m talking about… somehow my random coverless novels picked up of dusty hostel shelves and reading whilst hanging out on rickety chairs and being pestered by every passer by doesn’t really seem to compare


  3. This place sounds awesome, you got me at wine and cheese! Did they do a book exchange, as in you can take a book if you swap one out from your own books?


  4. I love how the city never ceases to amaze me! So many amazing places to discover! This library hotel is such an awesome concept for a hotel…I love it!


  5. i’ve enjoyed seeing all your posts during your trip this week. the hotel looks incredible and perhaps i will stay there on my next nyc trip. the bar is cool! great photos, by the way.


  6. This sounds incredible, wow! The glass ceiling for you to look up and see the stars . . . not to mention the books . . . I am bookmarking this spot!!


  7. What a perfect theme for a hotel that’s right near the library. I love how they carry the theme through the hotel and in the rooms, not just in the hotel name.


  8. I stayed at this lovely hotel. I highly recommend a stay here if you’re looking for a nice getaway from the hustle of the city. It has a relaxing and homey feel.


  9. Looks sooooo swanky. I always wish I had a good book around when I’m at a hotel and have finished reading my own, such a good idea.


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