My cozy stay at Hotel Giraffe

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If you look up the symbolism of a giraffe, you will find that they are represented with beauty, elegance, grace, resourcefulness and perception. It is no wonder that Hotel Giraffe mirrors all of these qualities as well. Do not be fooled by the name when it comes to the decor though, as it does not resemble a safari! It has a sleek, modern design that will appeal to anyone. As soon as I walked into my suite I was immediately drawn to the two huge vertical windows in the living room that were covered by beautiful red sheer curtains, this was the entrance to a balcony overlooking the streets of Manhattan’s Flatiron District.








It was 6pm when I arrived so once we were settled into our room, my guest and I headed downstairs to the Grand Lobby for the evenings complimentary wine and cheeses. We sat and listened to the pianist that was playing soothing music to a number of the hotel guests. It really added to the experience and was exactly what I needed to wind me down after a long, hectic day.





Since we both had a busy day, we decided to stay in and take full advantage of the beautiful suite we had. When we first arrived we were greeted in the room with a bottle of wine and later came across bathrobes in the closet, which is all we needed for a perfect night in. We changed into the incredibly comfortable bathrobes, popped open the bottle of wine, hung out on the couch in the living room and watched some movies. It was the ideal laid back night that I was in the mood for.



In the morning, we headed downstairs for the complimentary continental breakfast. There were was a wide range of choices such as hard boiled eggs, bagels, fruit, breakfast pastries, coffee and an assortment of teas. I settled on a bagel with butter and a bowl of yogurt mixed with some fruit. It was the perfect sized breakfast, as I do not like to overstuff myself in the morning. Since the hotel is located right by Madison Square Park, we were able to start off the day with a stroll through the park before exploring more of the city, making it a great start to the day.




Thank you to Hotel Giraffe for providing our stay. All opinions are, as always, my own. 

13 thoughts on “My cozy stay at Hotel Giraffe

  1. Looks like a nice hotel. Still drooling over the cheeses… 🙂 And thank you for clarifying that it wasn’t decorated as a safari just because it’s called Giraffe because I was expecting that from the name! lol


  2. Dang! You get around in the city! I guess living there I rarely stayed in hotels, so I have never experienced the hotel life in Manhattan! I will just have to experience it through you! Hotel Giraffe looks like a sweet place!


  3. Hotel Giraffe looks like a wonderful place to stay- and it seems that you had a great time! I’ll keep this place in mind if I want to splurge next time I’m in NYC.


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