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IMG_0919Glacier hiking & ice climbing in Iceland

I am not an athletic person and extremely scared of heights, so when my friends decided that they wanted to go ice climbing during our trip to Iceland, I was (to say the least) extremely hesitant! We found a tour through Arctic Adventures that was a slightly daunting combination of ice glacier hiking and ice climbing. It looked really fun, so I figured that I would suck it up, be daring and try something new.First was the glacier hike. Little did I know how hard it was going to be! It was an odd experience trying to walk in the special hiking shoes with giant spikes sticking out of the front of them.. Read More



Overcoming my fear of heights via helicopter

My favorite part of our Iceland trip was going on a helicopter tour with Helo Iceland. It was an amazing experience! I am extremely afraid of heights so for me it was a fear that I had to overcome. At first when my friends approached me on the idea I wasn’t too thrilled. I have always had this fear, I can’t even… Read More



Glacier River Lagoon in Southern Iceland

During our road trip we suddenly noticed a huge cluster of glaciers off the side of the road. We just stumbled upon it! This is one of the things that I love so much about Iceland, it is incredibly beautiful and scenic wherever you look. You don’t even have to search. It turns out that we were at a glacier river lagoon.. Read More


Iceland Road Trip!

Iceland has a road called The Ring Road that circles the perimeter of the country.  Since Iceland is so small (only 40,000 square miles) you can literally drive around the entire country on this road in a day! I travelled with a couple of friends on a two-week road trip adventure. We started our journey in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik… Read More


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