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Welcome to my travel blog! My name is Christine and I was born and raised in New York City. I work a full time 9-5 job in advertising, but my true passion is traveling to weird and wonderful places. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them I have a full time job, as I always seem to be traveling, but I do and part of the reason I am writing this blog is to share some of the tips and creative planning that I have picked up that have enabled me to already see some of the worlds most beautiful sites.

Growing up it was always a dream of mine to travel, however I was not able to take my first big trip until I graduated college. I embarked on my first journey to the country that I was the most passionate about.. Italy! Besides the fact that I was always blown away by the country’s beauty and rich history, it is also the country of my heritage (well half of it anyway, as I am half Italian and other half is pretty mixed making me a bit of a mutt). I decided to try and see as much of the country as possible with my aunt and cousin, so we embarked on a tour of Rome, Pompeii, Venice, Naples, Capri, Florence it was all so amazing. After that trip I had truly caught the travel bug, this was what I was meant to do and I have been traveling ever since! It’s a huge world out there and I plan on seeing as much of it as I can.

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Me too! I am 9-5 and try to fit as many adventures as it it possible πŸ™‚ We are proofs that you can do anything if you have a passion in life πŸ™‚


  2. I’m glad I found your blog! It’s nice to meet someone as passionate about travel a myself. I love Italy too. I saw an article yesterday that said Florence is the #1 city in the world and I agree. appy travels


  3. Very impressive and interesting perspective…travel is the best teacher and life without travel is really dull, balancing work and leisure travel comes out of passion…happy travelling and we look forward to your beautiful blog post!!!


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