NYC Jet Setter

PwKfGYZsBiLjLwMPYb7xgKa_6rJ6iWeg8Q72PXfgs5A,r2-Cmk-vZqZpzfADYNvedmmzF8uZ4-nGezf2G2nPbhA10 packing guidelines for your trips

If only packing was as simple as throwing a bunch of stuff in a suitcase and dashing off to the airport! There are many TSA guidelines that are essential for you to know, along with many other things you need to take into consideration while packing for your trip such as things you can do to help yourself in the event of your suitcase getting lost and ways to help prevent that simply traumatic experience from occurring.. Read More




IMG_2778Tips for the London Eye

The London Eye in you guessed it… London, England soars 443 feet high. After it was built in 1999, it was the world’s largest ferris wheel, however when the Star of Nanchang in China opened in 2006 it surpasses it at a whopping 520 feet. The London Eye has 32 capsules that hold up to 25 people for a 30 minute ride. I was a little hesitant to go on it once I realized that most of the capsule was.. Read More

A4The DOs and DONT’s of Amsterdam

When you are a tourist visiting a place like Amsterdam for the first time, there are always things about the city that you may not have thought. Hopefully this article will help pull back the veil on some of those things and give you some insights into what are “must see’s”, while you are there.. Read More


Glacier hiking & ice climbing in Iceland

I am not an athletic person and extremely scared of heights, so when my friends decided that they wanted to go ice climbing during our trip to Iceland, I was (to say the least) extremely hesitant! We found a tour through Arctic Adventures that was a slightly daunting combination of ice glacier hiking and ice climbing. It looked really fun, so I figured that I would suck it up, be daring and try something new.First was the glacier hike. Little did I know how hard it was going to be! It was an odd experience trying to walk in the special hiking shoes with giant spikes sticking out of the front of them.. Read More


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFree mobile apps you need for traveling

Let’s admit it, we are all addicted to the apps on our smart phones. I use a variety of apps to help me during my travels for booking flights, booking hotels, finding my way around or simply just breaking through language barriers. There’s basically an app for everything, but which ones are worth downloading? My list will give you some useful apps and best of all… they are all free.. Read More



IMG_2081Tips you need to get into the Duomo di Milano

Milan is known for high fashion, shopping, beautiful architecture and of course the Duomo. It has a unique gothic structure and is the fifth largest cathedral in the world. No wonder it took six centuries to build! Now it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy. Unfortunately you cant just walk up to it and stroll in. If only things were that easy! Here are some things you need to know for your visit… Read More


IMG_3278Top 4 things to see within the Prague Castle

Hradčany also known as the Castle District, is the area surrounding the Prague Castle. At about the size of seven football fields, it is said that the castle is the largest castle in the world. The castle was also the home of the original Kings of Bohemia. There are numerous stunning sights to see while wandering around the castle, so much so that you could easily devote an entire day here (if not longer)… Read More



mb1Amazing brunch spots in NYC

Weekends in New York are all about the brunch! Since most restaurants have brunch it is extremely difficult to decide upon which place to go to. If you hunt around online for “NYC Brunch” you will literally get thousands of results. It can most definitely be overwhelming! I have been to a ton of places, many were good but there are a few that definitely topped my list, so I feel like I had to share!.. Read More

IMG_2217A “Nice” way to travel around the French Riviera!

There is a lot of hype behind the French Riviera for it’s beauty, beaches and luxury lifestyle. Keyword: luxury!! It is not a cheap area to stay, however the following may help you save some money, while still allowing you to see some of the most attractive tourist areas..Read More

M25Tips on optimizing vacation time and saving money

Although I work 9-5 in online advertising, I would love to leave it all behind to travel full time, spending my days exploring new countries and learning about different cultures. As you can imagine, it is certainly more appealing to me than being stuck behind a desk 40+ hours a week. And although it sounds even worse when I write it down, my life is not so bad, so is it a viable and smart option to travel full time? I travel a lot at the moment, this year alone I have been to Iceland, Las Vegas, Florida and I have an upcoming trip to Europe scheduled but that seems to me to be more of an itch scratch than fulfilling my dream. Like most people the two obstacles are time (I get three weeks of vacation a year) and of course.. Read More



 My Jungle Adventure in Thailand

On my trip I spent a day exploring the hills of Thailand. It really was a once in a  lifetime experience to be in the middle of such awe inspiring landscape. First off on my journey I travelled down the river on a bamboo raft and attempted to paddle us there, but in truth it was not an unmitigated success! Once on land we were introduced to some supremely friendly elephants, one of which kept giving me what can only be described as trunk hugs… Read More

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