New York


mb1Amazing brunch spots in NYC

Weekends in New York are all about the brunch! Since most restaurants have brunch it is extremely difficult to decide upon which place to go to. If you hunt around online for “NYC Brunch” you will literally get thousands of results. It can most definitely be overwhelming! I have been to a ton of places, many were good but there are a few that definitely topped my list, so I feel like I had to share! ..Read More

IMG_1697Things to do bike riding along the East River

I was born and raised in New York and still haven’t seen everything this incredible city has so I decided to rent a bike and spend the day sightseeing downtown along the East River. Most people don’t realize all you can do and see there. Plus, it is a great option… Read More


img_426v2Here’s looking at you, Casablanca Hotel

In the heart of Times Square, Casablanca Hotel is the perfect location for anyone visiting New York City. It doesn’t matter what you want to do in the area.. find something to eat, catch a broadway show or sightsee, it is all within a few minutes walk of the hotel. If you do decide to venture out of the immediate area, there are plenty of cabs and subway stations just steps away. It is little wonder that.. Read More


rest1Bread & Tulips: Rustic Italian Cuisine

If you enjoy rustic Italian cuisine, then you must try Bread & Tulips. No matter what kind of Italian food you are in the mood for, they have a pretty extensive menu with a real variety to choose from. Everything I tried (and I tried A LOT) was absolutely delicious.. The restaurant has a casual yet romantic feel to it, making a perfect venue for almost any occasion, whether it is a date night, an outing with friends or you are just plain hungry! As soon as my friends and I sat down, we were greeted by our waitress Ashley, with some bread and olive oil to munch on while we decided on what to order. Many things on the menu looked appetizing.. Read More


IMG_4123 copyMy cozy stay at Hotel Giraffe

If you look up the symbolism of a giraffe, you will find that they are represented with beauty, elegance, grace, resourcefulness and perception. It is no wonder that Hotel Giraffe mirrors all of these qualities as well. Do not be fooled by the name when it comes to the decor though, as it does not resemble a safari! It has a sleek, modern design that will appeal to anyone. As soon as I walked into my suite I was immediately drawn to the two huge vertical windows in the living room that were covered by beautiful red sheer curtains.. Read More


IMG_3793My delicious food tour of Greenwich Village

The only other thing I love as much as traveling is eating! So as soon as I heard about the Foods of New York Tours, I just had to go on the tour. It doesn’t matter if you are a local like me or a tourist, as long as you like food, this is the tour for you. Not only do you get to try different food at some of the highest rated establishments in New York.. Read More


IMG_3996 copyA book lover’s dream – The Library Hotel

Located a couple blocks from the New York Public Library on “Library Way” is a one of a kind boutique hotel that any book lover would love to stay in. The Library Hotel as you might have guessed is a hotel with a library theme, which helps to make it a memorable experience for guests. Each floor is dedicated to a specific category within the Dewey Decimal System such as Social Science, Literature and Languages. I stayed in the Technology floor and therefore all the books in my room were related to that topic!.. Read More


IMG_3889Hotel Elysee: Pure Elegance

Not only is Hotel Elysee in a fabulous location (it is close to Central Park), but it also screams luxury and elegance. As soon as I walked into the hotel I was cheerfully greeted by staff and checked in right away. “Welcome, I see you have the Presidential Suite. You have a great room.” He was not lying, it was a great room, indeed! As I opened the door to the room, I was taken aback by the gorgeous design of the room and the beautiful furniture that filled it. I can only describe it as old New York meets Paris… Read More



IMG_3778Lights, Camera, Action! My TV & Movie Sites Tour

Ever been curious to see the places where your favorite movies and television shows have been filmed? I certainty was! So I decided to go on a TV & Movie Sites Tour around Manhattan with On Location Tours. The tour was so much fun! Not only did I get to see famous locations, but I learned a lot of interesting facts about them as well. For example did you know that Times Square was completely shut down, so Tom Cruise could film a scene in “Vanilla Sky” where it appears to be deserted? That was the first and only time that has ever happened.It caused so much chaos.. Read More



IMG_1713Citi bike vs. bike rental for sightseeing in NYC

A very popular thing to do in New York City is renting a Citi Bike. I think its a good idea depending on what you are doing. If you are riding to work or going to a specific destination, I am all for it. It can help minimize some of New York’s crazy traffic and might even be faster for you since you won’t be part of it! Instead you can wave… Read More

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