Free mobile apps you need for traveling

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Let’s admit it, we are all addicted to the apps on our smart phones. I use a variety of apps to help me during my travels for booking flights, booking hotels, finding my way around or simply just breaking through language barriers. There’s basically an app for everything, but which ones are worth downloading? My list will give you some useful apps and best of all… they are all free! 


Sky Scanner – I always use this when booking my flights. It shows you the cheapest flights and you can even choose an “Everywhere” destination if you are unsure as to where you want to go. Great for someone who is trying to decide on a destination to go based on what flight is the cheapest. It also has a pretty nifty feature where it will email you when the price of your chosen flight goes up or down, so you can book at the optimum time  


Hostelworld – If you need a hostel, this is a speedy way to book if you are on the go. It gives you cheap rates worldwide along with reviews and maps. 


Hotel Tonight – This is great if you are traveling around and booking hotels as you go or decide to plan a last minute getaway. The rates are discounted since it is considered “last minute”, as the hotel can only be booked up to 7 days in advance.


Hipmunk – Book and save up to 60% off last minute hotels, you can also find flights, compare prices and get fare alerts. There is also a heat map which allows you to see how close points of interest are to you, such as restaurants, shopping destinations and hotels. 



Trip Advisor Offline City Guides – Need help getting around a city? This guides you to restaurants, attractions, hotels, etc. The plus about this, is that it works offline as long as you look it up before hand, as it stores all the information for you to look back on. 


Viator – Find out what tours and activities to go on, read reviews and see photos. It also has an interactive map that pinpoints things that you can do based on your current location.


Foodspotting – Not being your typical search app, this tells you the best food in the places around you, as soon as you open it. You can also ask questions for your search such as what is good at a particular place, where you can find a specific dish, etc. You can take pictures to upload and rate as well.



OANDA Currency Converter – You can figure out what your money converts in over 180 countries. What makes this one unique is that it tells you the interest rates from the different banks and ATMs.


Google Translate – This is incredibly helpful for when you are travelling to countries where you do not know the local dialect. Simply type the words in and it will translate it to the language that you need. 


Weather Channel – I have found that this is the best app to stay ahead of the weather. You can check out your daily and 10 day forecast along with an hour by hour breakout. It also shows radar in case you are worried about when the rain will hit your area, airport conditions, pollen index and tide reports. 


Free Wi-Fi Finder – I always have a hard time finding wifi connection. Luckily, this tells you all the places that have wi-fi, if it is free or not and how to get there. 


GateGuru – All of the flight and airport information that you need is here to help you. You can set it to be based off of your flight itinerary. Some of the information it gives you are real-time flight status, security check wait time, terminal information, and airport weather. You can also can check for restaurants and car rentals.

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Getting Around

Waze – Avoid getting lost or stuck in traffic with this traffic and navigation app. It guides you on a live map with voice navigation, provides you information on delays and lets you know where there are gas stations nearby.


Gas Buddy – Helps you find the closest and cheapest gas stations. You can also win $100 in free gas if you report the gas prices you find.


Hop Stop – Public transit plays a big part in getting around. You can look look up different routes, taxi costs and it even tells you how long it takes. It isn’t available for every city yet, but has over 600 cities within it’s database so far.


Around Me – Anything you need to find is here such as ATMs, restaurants, hotels, taxis, parking, hospitals, even movie theaters. It also give you the website, address, directions  and phone number.


Personal Use

Photosynth – Like to take photos? This allows you to create panoramic photos and share them through email and social media. Perfect if you need to get a full shot of some scenery or a large group of people.


Tips on optimizing vacation time and saving money

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Although I work 9-5 in online advertising, I would love to leave it all behind to travel full time, spending my days exploring new countries and learning about different cultures. As you can imagine, it is certainly more appealing to me than being stuck behind a desk 40+ hours a week. And although it sounds even worse when I write it down, my life is not so bad, so is it a viable and smart option to travel full time? I travel a lot at the moment, this year alone I have been to Iceland, Las Vegas, Florida and I have an upcoming trip to Europe scheduled, but that seems to me to be more of an itch scratch than fulfilling my dream. Like most people the two obstacles are time (I get three weeks of vacation a year) and of course money. During my relatively short working and traveling life I have picked up a few tips on maximizing both of these things and that is what I am going to share with you now, because well.. I am nice like that!

1. Take long weekends – You don’t always have to go far when you travel. There are plenty of places that are close enough to make taking a three day weekend worthwhile. You only have to use a day or two of your vacation time and you get to experience somewhere new! I’ve used many three day weekends to go to places nearby such as Philadelphia, Chicago and Florida. I can reach so many amazing places by taking a short 2-3 hour plane, train or bus ride.

2. Use public holidays to your advantage – One year I took off Monday-Wednesday, the next two days I already had off for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, combine that with the two weekends surrounding that week, that’s nine days for a trip and I only used three days of my annual work vacation time! It is all about planning early and paying attention to what days different holidays fall around. I know there are some family oriented holidays that some people wouldn’t want to spend away traveling, however there are plenty of other public holidays such as Memorial Day, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, etc that you can use to combine vacation days with.

3. Choose your flights carefully – If you are willing to be slightly inconvenienced by taking an early or late flight you can often get a great deal. I always take the earliest flight possible, so I have as much of my first day as I can. This is certainly important if you are taking a short three or four day trip, as you don’t want to waste a day by arriving when most of your first day is over. The same applies to coming home, I usually leave late at night, often on a red eye (which is also usually cheaper), then I get to enjoy some of that last day. I once took a red eye, arrived back in New York at 6am and went to work, which was a bit of a stretch, but completely worth it! Basically, what I am saying is optimize your vacation time, so that you can enjoy as much of your time at your destination as possible.

4. Go on tours – Tours are perfect if you want to see as much as possible in a limited amount of time. People that work full time rarely have the luxury of taking a month off of work to explore a destination in detail. Before you go on your trip plan out what you want to see. I went on a two week tour to Europe that took me to London, Paris and Barcelona. Although it was a relatively short trip to see so many great cities, I had an absolute blast and got to see the highlights of each city. Another plus of tours is that you don’t have to wait on lines for attractions/venues. I am sure it varies with different companies, but for example I did not wait three hours to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was more like three minutes and trust me I have seen some crazy lines during my trips! Tour companies get special deals and can book in advance for sights that regular tourists don’t have access to.

5. Shop around before you go – One word, the internet, okay well strictly speaking it is two words, but you get the gist. There are so many great time and money saving tools that are available to you from the comfort of your own home, so shop around. For hotels/accommodation, there are the obvious, such as Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline etc., but there are also some less obvious choices such as the Hotel Tonight app and AirBnB. Sky Scanner is great for booking flights as it pulls in all the lowest airfares from different airlines and alerts you when prices go up or down. You can also pick up amazing travel and tour packages on sites such as Groupon or Living Social. I always sign up for these in the city of my destination before I go, so I get all of the great deals that are being offered for my upcoming destinations.

6. Eat smartly – I always visit the local grocery store when I get to my destination and stock up on food items, water, etc for the trip. If you use your hotel shop you will pay a premium, so it really is worth spending a short time getting your essentials off site. Or you can shop at home and bring some stuff with you but I personally don’t want to have to carry any extra baggage while I am traveling to my destination. I do bring small snacks from home such a cereal bars and pre packs baggies of  pretzels and cereal to munch on.  I am not at my hotel too much while I am traveling, so I like to eat breakfast with the food I purchased before I head out for the day and bring snacks along for the journey. If I happen to come back to the hotel for a break or to change for the evening, then I eat my food as well. It is all about being smart and balancing the amount of food I eat out. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to eat out. Being a bit of a foodie, it would be a real shame to me if I did not get to taste the unique food that my destination had to offer, so you can still eat out but you don’t have to for every meal. Saving some cash by eating cheaply for certain meals will allow you the luxury to indulge in others and not feel bad about it!

7. Stay in hostels – The biggest mistake on my first trip was booking a luxurious, expensive, five star hotel. It was beautiful and incredibly fancy, however I hardly spent any time there! It was a complete waste of money that I could have put towards something more valuable to me such as food or an excursion. All of the hostels that I have stayed in have been clean, convenient and much cheaper than a hotel. A good hostel can start as low as $30 a night depending where you are, while a hotel can range from $100+ for one that isn’t cruddy. You can shop for a hostel the same as a hotel on sites such as, hostel world,, etc. These sites give you prices, reviews, pictures and even show you where they are located on a map of the city so you can see how close/far you are from where you want to explore.

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