Tips you need to get into the Duomo di Milano

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Milan is known for high fashion, shopping, beautiful architecture and of course the Duomo. It has a unique gothic structure and is the fifth largest cathedral in the world. No wonder it took six centuries to build! Now it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy. Unfortunately you cant just walk up to it and stroll in. If only things were that easy! Here are some things you need to know for your visit.

1.You have to pay to get into the cathedral and on the rooftop. 

2. You cannot go into the cathedral unless you are wearing appropriate clothing covering your knees and shoulders.

3. If you decide to go to the rooftop, you do not need to follow a dress code.

4. Wear comfortable shoes if you are planning to go to the rooftop. It is a tiring hike up a pretty intimidating staircase. There is an elevator, however it is small and there is generally a long line of people waiting to get on.

5. There is an area to purchase tickets on the right side of the cathedral that most people don’t realize is there. I went to that booth and waited less than a minute while the other line in the front was a 30 minute wait. 

6. If you have your ticket already for the rooftop, you do not have to wait on the line to get in. Most people on that line are buying tickets to get in or are waiting without realizing that they don’t need to. You can walk straight to the entrance, show your ticket and get in right away.