A book lover’s dream – The Library Hotel

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Located a couple blocks from the New York Public Library on “Library Way” is a one of a kind boutique hotel that any book lover would love to stay in. The Library Hotel as you might have guessed is a hotel with a library theme, which helps to make it a memorable experience for guests. Each floor is dedicated to a specific category within the Dewey Decimal System such as Social Science, Literature and Languages. I stayed in the Technology floor and therefore all the books in my room were related to that topic!





There is also a Reading Room that contains an abundance of books to choose from. Since the hotel offers complimentary snacks all day long, it is a great place to take a break from a busy day of sightseeing and relax with a pick me up and a good read. Every evening between 5pm-8pm they also provide complimentary wine/Prosecco and assorted snacks such as crackers, cheese and pastries. It is the perfect pre-dinner delight!








If you are looking for a place to socialize over delicious cocktails then you don’t even have to leave the hotel (which believe me is a definite plus during one of the Big Apples notoriously chilly winter nights), as Bookmark’s Lounge on the 14th floor has everything you would need for a fun night. There is a poetry room, writers den and a terrace to accommodate whatever you are in the mood for. I went on a very cold New York City day so we decided to stay indoors, however there is a room that has a glass top so even though we were inside, we could still look up at the stars as we sipped on cocktails.






There was a nice long list of speciality drinks to choose from, so I decided to venture away from my usual Jack Daniels and Diet Coke. My friend Melissa and I both decided to try drinks from the seasonal list of cocktails. Melissa got a Pumpkin Spice Latte which reminded me of an alcoholic version of the incredibly popular Fall Starbucks coffee drink. It was served warm as well, so it was an ideal choice after spending a long day outside in the cold. I had a Peach Cobbler which basically tasted like a peach cobbler, but did not have an overwhelming dessert flavor. It was the perfect mix for an evening drink.




The next morning we went down to the Reading Room to eat at the complimentary breakfast buffet which included bagels, cereal, fruit, yogurt, tea , coffee and a variety of pastries. After having a late night at Bookmark’s Lounge, I was happy to be able to stroll downstairs for breakfast instead of hunting around the freezing streets of New York to look for a place to eat. Since checkout time is at the unusually convenient time of 1pm, we ate our breakfast and went back to our room for a little extra sleep before heading out for the day. Now that is an ideal morning!



Thank you to Library Hotel for providing our stay. All opinions are, as always, my own. 

Hotel Elysee: Pure Elegance

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Not only is Hotel Elysee in a fabulous location (it is close to Central Park), but it also screams luxury and elegance. As soon as I walked into the hotel I was cheerfully greeted by staff and checked in right away. “Welcome, I see you have the Presidential Suite. You have a great room.” He was not lying, it was a great room, indeed! As I opened the door to the room, I was taken aback by the gorgeous design of the room and the beautiful furniture that filled it. I can only describe it as old New York meets Paris.



Greeting me in the room was a lovely bottle of wine and box of chocolates. How did they know that wine and chocolates is the way to this girls heart? Walking around the main room, I realized it had everything that you’d ever want in your own home. There was a long dining table, couches in front of a fireplace, a writing desk, flat screen television, chairs that were as comfortable as a couch and beautiful paintings around the room. This place is (considerably!) better than my apartment. To top it off there was even a grand piano! I don’t think my child like rendition of Chopsticks was really what it was made for. There was also a full kitchen in case, I felt the urge to cook, which I must admit is a rarity.






The beautiful decor continued into the bedroom, which was as equally stunning as the main room. Attached to the bedroom was a full terrace with a table and chairs, making it a perfect spot to sit and eat your breakfast, as you watch all the morning hustle of Midtown Manhattan.








After I got settled in my room, I headed down to the Club Room where guests are offered complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres every night from 5pm-8pm. The Club Room did not disappoint. The room itself was huge, so there was plenty of room for guests to sit and relax at tables or couches while also being able to keep a level of privacy if you so wish. That being said, it is a fantastic area to socialize with other guests. My friend Julia and I sat by two guests of the hotel and ended up exchanging stories while enjoying our wine and food.




In the morning, guests are also offered complimentary breakfast. It had a great variety ranging from bagels, pastries, cereals, fruit, yogurt and coffee, as well an impressive assortment of tea. Everything was incredibly fresh and delicious. I had to run out early, so thankfully they had “to go” cups, so that you are able to take your tea or coffee on the road. During the day, the Club Room has coffee, tea, fruits and cookies incase you want to grab an afternoon pick me up or hangout and relax as there is also a library filled with books, magazines and newspapers along with a computer which is conveniently connected to a printer incase you need anything.

If you don’t want to lose out on your workout routine, guests receive complimentary passes to the New York Sports Club which is only a few short blocks away from the hotel! Each room has a couple of bottles of water included so you will be all set for the gym!






Thank you to Hotel Elysee for providing our stay. All opinions are, as always, my own. 

Dutch culture at the cheese farm & clog factory

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30 minutes outside of Amsterdam is a Dutch village known for its cheese called Edam. Since it is known for its cheese, I just had to go to De Simonehoeve which is a traditional cheese farm and clog factory! It was extremely interesting and true representation of traditional dutch culture which makes it a must-do. 


First off, you sit in front of a glass room where you watch one of the workers there glaze the cheese. While you are watching, one of the workers explains about how the cheese is made and preserved. The fact that it was in a glass room was oddly comforting, as I for one am not keen on hair in my cheese! 



You then get to see a shoemaker make a clog out of a block of wood. I couldn’t believe how fast he could carve a a piece of wood into a shoe! Today, people still use clogs for a variety of jobs such as farm work. There are tons of clogs that you can purchase with all different designs, styles and sizes to fit everyone’s needs and tastes (if you like wooden shoes that is!). 




At the end of the tour there is a chance to taste any of the different cheeses they make, ranging from plain to pesto and gouda. I happily stuffed myself with unlimited free samples! I had a hard time choosing, but ended up finally deciding on the smoked cheese. I really wanted to buy the smoke ham cheese as well, but as it is made of meat, I would not have been able to take it on the plane. If cheese and clogs aren’t your choice of purchase, there are of course other souvenirs that you can choose from in the gift shop that are travel friendly.




Free mobile apps you need for traveling

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Let’s admit it, we are all addicted to the apps on our smart phones. I use a variety of apps to help me during my travels for booking flights, booking hotels, finding my way around or simply just breaking through language barriers. There’s basically an app for everything, but which ones are worth downloading? My list will give you some useful apps and best of all… they are all free! 


Sky Scanner – I always use this when booking my flights. It shows you the cheapest flights and you can even choose an “Everywhere” destination if you are unsure as to where you want to go. Great for someone who is trying to decide on a destination to go based on what flight is the cheapest. It also has a pretty nifty feature where it will email you when the price of your chosen flight goes up or down, so you can book at the optimum time  


Hostelworld – If you need a hostel, this is a speedy way to book if you are on the go. It gives you cheap rates worldwide along with reviews and maps. 


Hotel Tonight – This is great if you are traveling around and booking hotels as you go or decide to plan a last minute getaway. The rates are discounted since it is considered “last minute”, as the hotel can only be booked up to 7 days in advance.


Hipmunk – Book and save up to 60% off last minute hotels, you can also find flights, compare prices and get fare alerts. There is also a heat map which allows you to see how close points of interest are to you, such as restaurants, shopping destinations and hotels. 



Trip Advisor Offline City Guides – Need help getting around a city? This guides you to restaurants, attractions, hotels, etc. The plus about this, is that it works offline as long as you look it up before hand, as it stores all the information for you to look back on. 


Viator – Find out what tours and activities to go on, read reviews and see photos. It also has an interactive map that pinpoints things that you can do based on your current location.


Foodspotting – Not being your typical search app, this tells you the best food in the places around you, as soon as you open it. You can also ask questions for your search such as what is good at a particular place, where you can find a specific dish, etc. You can take pictures to upload and rate as well.



OANDA Currency Converter – You can figure out what your money converts in over 180 countries. What makes this one unique is that it tells you the interest rates from the different banks and ATMs.


Google Translate – This is incredibly helpful for when you are travelling to countries where you do not know the local dialect. Simply type the words in and it will translate it to the language that you need. 


Weather Channel – I have found that this is the best app to stay ahead of the weather. You can check out your daily and 10 day forecast along with an hour by hour breakout. It also shows radar in case you are worried about when the rain will hit your area, airport conditions, pollen index and tide reports. 


Free Wi-Fi Finder – I always have a hard time finding wifi connection. Luckily, this tells you all the places that have wi-fi, if it is free or not and how to get there. 


GateGuru – All of the flight and airport information that you need is here to help you. You can set it to be based off of your flight itinerary. Some of the information it gives you are real-time flight status, security check wait time, terminal information, and airport weather. You can also can check for restaurants and car rentals.

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Getting Around

Waze – Avoid getting lost or stuck in traffic with this traffic and navigation app. It guides you on a live map with voice navigation, provides you information on delays and lets you know where there are gas stations nearby.


Gas Buddy – Helps you find the closest and cheapest gas stations. You can also win $100 in free gas if you report the gas prices you find.


Hop Stop – Public transit plays a big part in getting around. You can look look up different routes, taxi costs and it even tells you how long it takes. It isn’t available for every city yet, but has over 600 cities within it’s database so far.


Around Me – Anything you need to find is here such as ATMs, restaurants, hotels, taxis, parking, hospitals, even movie theaters. It also give you the website, address, directions  and phone number.


Personal Use

Photosynth – Like to take photos? This allows you to create panoramic photos and share them through email and social media. Perfect if you need to get a full shot of some scenery or a large group of people.


My ideal #TasteofTravel menu

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Picture your favorite starter, main dish and dessert from anywhere in the world, but all in one menu. That is what I have put together for my #TasteofTravel menu for the Celebrity Cruises blogger competition! They have just won the 2014 Ocean Cruise Line of the Year in the Food and Travel Awards and they have now teamed up with Great British Chefs to help make their food offerings even better! Now they want to hear from travel bloggers to find out what their dream menu would be, from food that they have sampled on their travels. It was quite a hard task to pick only one of each, as I have been lucky enough to try countless amazing dishes from all over the world. After much soul searching I have managed to narrow it down to my most memorable dish for each course.


I have always wanted to go to Greece, but unfortunately I haven’t made it there yet. After hearing numerous reviews I decided to try a small Greek restaurant in New York called Taverna Kyclades. The ambiance and friendliness of the staff was exactly how I imagined it would be on a Greek Island! The three courses I had were all tasty, but in particular the Kyclades Veggie Chips were just too good not to make the list. It is crispy eggplant and zucchini slices fried tempura style with a creamy tzatziki dip. Not only was it incredibly delicious, but it was unique from anything I have ever had before. The batter was so light and crispy and cooked to absolute perfection, so that it did not taste too greasy. Then to add to the dish, you are given a zesty tzatziki dip. It was so good without the dip, that I didn’t think I needed it, but once I tried it.. woah! It definitely added to the taste making it one of the most memorable dishes I have ever had. Their original location is in Astoria – Queens, which is known as an being an absolute hotbed of Greek culture, so it is not surprising that there is such a gem of a Greek restaurant there.


Crispy eggplant and zucchini with tzatziki dip


I’ve tried Pad Thai a few times in different places and finally gave up on it as I realized I really did not enjoy it that much. That was until I visited Thailand. I decided to give it another try since I was in the country it originated from and I was given a recommendation from a local, to try a specific street cart that was recognized as making the best Pad Thai in the area. I am so happy I gave it another chance! What I do not like about this dish normally, is the overwhelming taste of peanut but this version did not have it. It actually had a complex taste that differed from any other time I had tried it before. It had a perfect balance of spices, that I could not possibly name, but it certainly did the trick! It easily makes my list and I can honestly say that I haven’t been able to find another Pad Thai that even comes close to it since my adventures in Thailand. It is however a great excuse to go back for another visit!


Pad Thai


When I am travelling, I am always on the hunt for treats, so when I was strolling through the streets of Amsterdam and got caught in the intoxicating aroma of a local waffle shop, I just had to go in. Once inside the waffle shop it was hard to choose from what seemed like an endless amount of options, but after much drooling I finally settled upon a warm waffle with Nutella and cherries. It definitely wasn’t one of the neatest dishes I had ever had to eat, but I hardly cared that I had enough chocolate on my face to make me look like one of the naughty children from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! This was really an easy choice for my dessert selection, as I still vividly remember scrumptious tasting delight that crossed my lips. Yum!


Nutella and cherries on a warm belgian waffle

I hope you enjoyed my #TasteofTravel menu! Now I nominate We3Travel, Vagrants of the WorldDifferent Doors and JS Living the Dream to make their own three course menu. Entries will be accepted until January 12th and those entries will be judged by two top Great British Chefs and Deputy Editor of Food and Travel Magazine, Mark Sansom. If you win you’ll be awarded a seven-night European cruise and one £150 voucher to use at one of the Great British Chef’s restaurants. Runners up will receive £75 meal vouchers. May you have as much fun as I did, reliving your delicious meals, as I did mine.

My disappointing tour of the Blue Grotto

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The Blue Grotto (also known as Grotta Azzurra) is a sea cave on the island of Capri, Italy. It is known for the incredible sparkling blue reflection on the water in the cave. This occurs because of the sunlight that passes through the small opening in the cave. It is certainly not difficult to understand why The Blue Grotto is one of the primary attractions on Capri.

I went with my aunt and cousin with a tour company that takes you on a boat to see the island and in particular to explore the Blue Grotto. We figured we would get two in one, a great scenic view of Capri and then have an amazing Blue Grotto experience. We were wrong. The boat took us around the island, which is incredibly beautiful and then onto a tour of the cave. Once we arrived, we saw a number of other boats from different tour companies and a line of  narrow wooden rowboats lined up waiting to go into the cave. That is when we realized that we had to go into one of those tiny row boats! The closer we got to the entrance of the cave, the more we realized how small the opening was! You could not go straight through, you have to lay on your back in the boat in order to fit. Our guide actually had to lay on his back top of us! We were nervous at first, but it was actually a pretty funny experience.







Once we were in the cave, we found that it was dark, but you could see that the water was glowing this incredibly bright blue color throughout the cave. It was so bright that it looked like someone had put an immensely powerful  blue light under the water in order to make it glow. We rowed in a line with the other boats around the outside of the cave for a few minutes and then exited the the same way we came in.





I was pretty disappointed that the cave experience was so short, as The Blue Grotto was something that I was really excited to see and then when we did get to experience it we were in and out of the cave in just a few short minutes. The tour company made the tour sound like it was a scenic boat tour and that you would be intimately exploring The Blue Grotto, however they failed to mention that if you blinked you would miss it. Don’t get me wrong, it was a cool experience, however it would have been far better if we had time to fully experience it and had more time to take it all in.

I don’t regret going it, because it was something I really wanted to do, but in hindsight I wish I had picked an alternative option. After the tour I looked online at other tours and many of them seem like they would be a similar experience. Other tours might be different, so you can decide to take your chances, however if you want a true experience then I highly suggest finding one where you will spend more time in the cave. If you do decide to do a standard boat tour, at least you now know what you will be getting for your money!

Tips you need to get into the Duomo di Milano

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Milan is known for high fashion, shopping, beautiful architecture and of course the Duomo. It has a unique gothic structure and is the fifth largest cathedral in the world. No wonder it took six centuries to build! Now it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy. Unfortunately you cant just walk up to it and stroll in. If only things were that easy! Here are some things you need to know for your visit.

1.You have to pay to get into the cathedral and on the rooftop. 

2. You cannot go into the cathedral unless you are wearing appropriate clothing covering your knees and shoulders.

3. If you decide to go to the rooftop, you do not need to follow a dress code.

4. Wear comfortable shoes if you are planning to go to the rooftop. It is a tiring hike up a pretty intimidating staircase. There is an elevator, however it is small and there is generally a long line of people waiting to get on.

5. There is an area to purchase tickets on the right side of the cathedral that most people don’t realize is there. I went to that booth and waited less than a minute while the other line in the front was a 30 minute wait. 

6. If you have your ticket already for the rooftop, you do not have to wait on the line to get in. Most people on that line are buying tickets to get in or are waiting without realizing that they don’t need to. You can walk straight to the entrance, show your ticket and get in right away. 














My delicious food tour of Greenwich Village

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The only other thing I love as much as traveling is eating! So as soon as I heard about the Foods of New York Tours, I just had to go on the tour. It doesn’t matter if you are a local like me or a tourist, as long as you like food, this is the tour for you. Not only do you get to try different food at some of the highest rated establishments in New York, but you also learn historical and fun facts about the area. They have a wide range of tours, but I decided to go on their most popular which is the Original Greenwich Village Food & Cultural Tour. I chose this tour as I love the Greenwich Village, this area of Manhattan has such an incredible aura about it.

When I first met our very friendly tour guide Kerri Anne, she greeted me with a bottle of water and a handy booklet, which had all the places we were going to visit, coupons and suggestions of other places we should go to eat. On this tour we would get to partake in tastings at eight different establishments. The first place we went to was Joe’s Pizza. Joe’s Pizza is known as being some of the best pizza in New York and it really did not disappoint. I never order my pizza with a bunch of toppings, so I was happy that we tried a slice of the classic cheese pizza. Original is always the best!


It is actually the pizzeria that was used for filming the beginning of Spiderman 2, when Tobey Maguire was a pizza delivery man. I knew this place looked familiar!


The next stop was at O & CO Olive Oil Shop, where we tried a number of different olive oil spreads on Tuscan bread and popcorn with truffle salt. It was delicious! One of the workers in the store spoke to us about the different kinds of olive oil spreads and we even did a balsamic vinegar taste testing to compare the supermarket version vs their premium version. I was in shock at the difference! I have balsamic vinegar all the time, but never like this one. It had a sweet taste to it that made it very unique and extra tasty.


Our tour guide and one of the shop workers talking to us about the different types of olive oils


The third stop on the tour was to Faccio’s Italian Speciality Shop, where we had the most mouth watering rice ball and traditional soppressata (Italian salami). I didn’t realize that Greenwich Village had so many Italian delights! Most of the places there are Italian, because apparently it used to be a primarily Italian neighborhood. In fact, our guide told us that if we want truly satisfying Italian food to come here instead of Little Italy. I never would have guessed that!



Then, we went to Palma Ristorante, which has a beautifully romantic ambiance, I could not think of a more perfect spot for a date night. Our guide brought us straight to the back of the restaurant which to our surprise is actually an old farmhouse! The original owners didn’t tear it down when they built the restaurant, instead they expanded and built on to it. It still has a kitchen downstairs and rooms upstairs, along with their personal library. Many people enjoy eating in this rare atmosphere such as Howard Stern who was a frequent customer of theirs. I couldn’t believe I actually ate in an authentic farmhouse that is over 200 years old that was right in the heart of Greenwich Village! It is still unbelievable to think that there was once farm life in what is now the metropolis that is Manhattan. Not only is the restaurant itself extraordinary, but the food is too. We had Cavolifore Plama which is sautéed cauliflower with pine nuts, caramelized onion, currants and breadcrumbs. Who knew that cauliflower could taste so good?




Fifth on our list was Rafele Italian Restaurant, where we got to sit down and have a small meal which consisted of eggplant rollatini and foccica bread. If you want to order a drink such as a glass of wine to pair with your food, you can do that as well. My friend Evelyn came with me on the tour and tried eggplant rollatini for the first time here! This was a nice interlude to our eating tour where we got to sit, relax, have a drink and chat to other people on our tour.


Fresh out of the oven! YUM!


Now it was time for dessert at Milk and Cookies Bakery. We sampled a classic warm chocolate chip cookie. Is there anything more soothing than a warm gooey cookie straight out of the oven? I am drooling just thinking about it. One of the coupons we received is for here, which I will most definitely be using when I go back for more!


Next was Murray’s Cheese & Gourmet Food. As soon as you walk in the rich, powerful smell of the cheeses overtake you. I had no idea that there were so many different kinds of cheese! We went upstairs and tried cow, sheep and goat cheese along with a cheesy bread. They were all distinctly different and yet all still delicious!



Our eighth and final stop on the tour was at Pasticceria Rocco shop. My jaw hit the floor just looking at the dessert display on the window (shhhh, I am sure I left a nose print). I have a huge sweet tooth, so this place was my heaven. I couldn’t stop staring at the scrumptious variety of cookies, cakes, pies, basically any type of pastry you can think of. The slices of cake I saw people eating were gigantic, now that’s my kind of cake! To put a stop to our drooling our guide came over with a box full of cannoli’s oozing with cream. It was the perfect end to a perfect food tour.


I would recommend a Foods of New York Tours for any food lover. It is a great way to see different areas of the city, hear about the culture and not only try a variety of foods, but learn a bit about their origins as well. Now I know how to choose my olive oil, meats and cheese! The booklet I got at the beginning of the tour gives you additional restaurant and shop suggestions, as well as some choice favorites from each establishment. When I go back to Greenwich Village for something to eat, I will certainly know where to go!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Foods of New York Tours for providing our tour. All opinions are, as always, my own. 

Spice up your Miami trip with an excursion to Key Biscayne!

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Key Biscayne is a great option if you want to get away from the chaos of the city or simply just try something new. It is the second island you hit after crossing over the main bridge. Don’t be fooled, despite it being named a “key” island, it is not actually part of the Florida Keys. If you don’t have a car, you can take the bus using 102 Route B. Another option is a cab, but obviously it depends on where you are in Miami, as to how much money it will set you back.


Once you cross over to the island you can relax by the beach, swim, fish, eat, kayak, snorkel, bike ride.. there are many options! As soon as we arrived, my friend and I immediately got distracted by a restaurant we found. We were absolutely starving, so decided to eat at the first beautiful restaurant we found. This place was right on the water and called The Rusty Pelican. You can sit outside or inside and still have a view because of the huge windows surrounding the dining area. We went there for brunch and it was honestly one of the best meals I’ve ever had. I am a huge seafood lover, so I immediately picked their Crab Benedict. It was simply delicious and literally overflowed with crab unlike other places I have been to which gave me what looked like a tablespoons worth. We sat inside because it was brutally hot that day. After we ate, we then ventured outside to enjoy the scenery. There are some lounge chairs facing the water so we ended up sitting outside for a bit and even got to see some dolphins swimming by!






Afterwards we drove to another part of the island and hung out by one the many beautiful beach areas. This was all an unplanned part of our trip, but it was most definitely one of our better ideas! This certainty proves that some of funnest experiences are the one that aren’t preplanned. Now next time you are in Miami, you have an additional unique option to choose from.




Lights, Camera, Action! My TV & Movie Sites Tour

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Ever been curious to see the places where your favorite movies and television shows have been filmed? I certainty was! So I decided to go on a TV & Movie Sites Tour around Manhattan with On Location Tours. The tour was so much fun! Not only did I get to see famous locations, but I learned a lot of interesting facts about them as well. For example did you know that Times Square was completely shut down, so Tom Cruise could film a scene in “Vanilla Sky” where it appears to be deserted? That was the first and only time that has ever happened. It caused so much chaos and traffic that from now on, they are forced to use special effects to make it look like the city is empty.

Being New York, productions are constantly being filmed, so we had a lot to see. We drove around the city on an uber comfy bus, which was packed with TV’s showing TV and movie clips related to the tour. This really helped build the excitement up on the tour. It was incredibly cool to watch the clips as we drove by each location, while our tour guide was describing what was filmed there. I must admit it was a buzz picturing Will Smith standing outside of the apartment where he lived in “I Am Legend” and Spiderman climbing up Hearst Tower. There are so many locations that I walk past all the time, that I didn’t even know were used in some of my favorite films! I work right by the National Museum of the American Indian and had no idea it was the Museum used in Ghostbusters. The clips on the bus really help give you that eureka moment.


The official “Men In Black” MIB headquarters. No alien sightings that day 😛

To keep things fresh we also got to stop along the way. The first stop was at Washington Square Park where they filmed movies such as “Enchanted”, When Harry Met Sally”, “Big Daddy” and popular TV shows such as “Blue Bloods” and “Glee”. Then we went to Soho and were given some free time and a map of different locations that we could check out such as the Dean & DeLuca where “Felicity” worked, Dash where the Kardashians work in “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and the apartment where Demi Moore lived in “Ghost”. If you decided that you wanted to use some of that time to shop or grab food, you could of course do that instead. While checking out the Dean & DeLuca, I had to buy some treats, which I immediately scoffed on the bus.


The infamous arch in Washington Square park

After that we stopped at Hook & Ladder which was the firehouse where they filmed “Ghostbusters”, “Hitch” and “Seinfeld”. It is actually an active firehouse, but you can take a peek inside the window and see the “Ghostbusters” sign from the movie! Then we went to the apartment building that was featured in “Friends” where Rachel, Monica and the gang lived. I was amazed by how much smaller the building looks than in the show. I guess the camera really does add ten pounds 😛 Did you know that the owner of the apartment was never paid for any of the shots of the building? Not a penny! Only if they would have had to set up lights or equipment to film the building, otherwise they are fully in their rights to film as they please. I would be pretty bitter if I owned those apartments!



The Hook & Ladder Firehouse – Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!


“Friends” apartment in Greenwich Village!

During the tour, I realized I wouldn’t have been able to find many of these places on my own. Most of the addresses and locations are made up, so if you want to see where the Huxtables lived in Brooklyn or the Friends apartment by Central Park, you’d be in trouble because both are in Greenwich Village! When the tour ended, we were dropped off by The Original Soup Man which was where the cast of “Seinfeld” would go for their soup in the show (except for of course Elaine “No soup for you!”), so if you are hungry after your tour you can pop in and have the soup everyone was raving about!

Thank you On Location Tours, I had so much fun and now I will enjoy re-runs of my favorite shows and movies that little bit more!

Disclaimer: Thank you to On Location Tours for providing our tour. All opinions are, as always, my own.