Bread & Tulips: Rustic Italian Cuisine

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If you enjoy rustic Italian cuisine, then you must try Bread & Tulips. No matter what kind of Italian food you are in the mood for, they have a pretty extensive menu with a real variety to choose from. Everything I tried (and I tried A LOT) was absolutely delicious.. The restaurant has a casual yet romantic feel to it, making a perfect venue for almost any occasion, whether it is a date night, an outing with friends or you are just plain hungry!

As soon as my friends and I sat down, we were greeted by our waitress Ashley, with some bread and olive oil to munch on while we decided on what to order. Many things on the menu looked appetizing which made it pretty difficult to single out a particular dish, so we decided to all order something different and share. We ended up with a nice variety of foods for all three courses.


We had three appetizers during our starter course. First up was crostini which is small slices of lightly toasted bread served with different spreads. You can get either one, three or five spreads. We picked three, which was the fava bean and walnut pesto, house made ricotta and butternut squash. They all had a deliciously unique taste, but I have to say that my absolute favorite was the fava bean and walnut pesto.


Our second appetizer was fried olives. I am always hesitant to have fried food, because I hate when places over fry the food to the point where all I taste is fried grease, however these were fried to perfection, so not greasy at all. The third appetizer we picked was grilled octopus with roast potatoes, olives and lemon confit. The octopus was lightly charred, which gave it a really rich taste and the potatoes were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, delicious. Even the parts of the octopus that I did not think I would like, I scoffed up!



Now it was time for our entrees. Truth be told, I was already starting to get full after overeating during the first course, but that did not stop me from eating more! Between us we decided upon three main courses, which were fettuccine veal bolognese, tagliatelle nero which is squid ink pasta with shrimp, mussels, calabrian peppers, lemon breadcrumbs and finally roasted farm chicken with green and yellow beans. I was so thrilled to be stuffing my face with an overwhelming amount of scrumptious food that while reaching for more, I knocked my whole glass of water over! Of course I was mortified, as the water flowed over the entire table and poured onto the floor. Our waitress and a bus boy rushed over to clear up the flood damage…..eek. What a great way to leave my mark, sorry Ashley! Thankfully I didn’t break the glass and even more importantly none of the water got on my food! (hehe)





Finally, it was time for dessert. At this point I felt like I was participating in an eating competition from all the food I had consumed, however that was not going to stop me from having dessert! Now…. get ready to drool (if you haven’t already). We had dark chocolate mousse with hazelnut gelato on top and a vanilla bean panacotta. Even though we were stuffed, we still somehow managed to devour both desserts. There wasn’t even anything left to scrape off of the plates.




Thank you to Bread & Tulips for providing our meal. All opinions are, as always, my own.

14 thoughts on “Bread & Tulips: Rustic Italian Cuisine

  1. Wow, Bread and Tulips sounds and looks amazing and you certainly look thrilled at the devour of it all ! Looking forward to trying them out for myself for sure!


  2. Definitely looks very rustic. I love places that give you some dipping bread and olive oil to start with (the only downside being I get full up, before the food arrives) That octopus looks yum!!


  3. If done right, panacotta is THE best Italian dessert ever. Never found one in Portugal worthy of the ones I had in Italy. But that one looks fabulous. And the octopus looks a lot like something we have here too. I agree with you on the pesto although I’d be hesitant between that and the homemade ricotta. Who am I kidding, just the bread drizzled with olive oil and I’d be a happy gal 😀 The only thing that didn’t seem too appealing here was the chicken. Not that it didn’t look delicious, but I just don’t think chicken when I think of Italian cuisine.


  4. hope to cook for you if we make a jump in NYC! This is noit really our cousin but pretty similar (for exemple we don’t have butternut in Italy..I’ve never trid it!). If you come to Italy we will be happy to cook something for you in our home 😉


  5. Wow, talk about a five (eight, ten?) course meal? You should be on Man Vs. Food! 😉 Personally, the dessert looks like the best part!


  6. I’ve never been but it looks amazing. I’ll have to try it out. I’m always looking for new and delicious places in NYC.


  7. And I still can’t quit looking at the delicious Bolognese picture. 😉 I love your reviews and keep track of places I’d like to visit on my next NYC trip. The water spill was hilarious. I’m sure nobody minds but man when it happens to any of us, we are worried to death.


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