Top 4 things to see within the Prague Castle

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Hradčany also known as the Castle District, is the area surrounding the Prague Castle. At about the size of seven football fields, it is said that the castle is the largest castle in the world. The castle was also the home of the original Kings of Bohemia. There are numerous stunning sights to see while wandering around the castle, so much so that you could easily devote an entire day here (if not longer).


1. St. Vitus Cathedral – The Gothic architecture make this church stunning and unique. It is the biggest and is seen as being the most important church in the Czech Republic. It contains the tombs of many Bohemian Kings and Roman Emperors.




2. The Gardens – There are six different gardens broken out into the Northern, Southern and Western sides. These gardens are incredibly beautiful and scenic. It is certainly worth strolling around, checking out the exotic flowers and sculptures that surround you.





3. The Dripping Wall – This is part of the gardens but I had to single it out specifically as it is incredibly unique and beautiful. The Dripping Wall is located within the Wallenstein Garden. I found myself sitting on the benches taking a break from walking and just staring at this wall trying to find the different individual sculptures carved into it. There is also an owl cage at the end of the wall! 




4. Check out the city scenery – While walking around the castle, you will come across some of the best vantage points to see the most stunning views of the city. It is a must-see!


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16 thoughts on “Top 4 things to see within the Prague Castle

  1. I really enjoyed Prague, but it rained most the time we were there. I’d love to go back during fine weather and do a lot more walking around checking out some of the places here we missed.

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  2. I can’t believe I missed those beautiful gardens when I was there! I must have walked straight past the entrance haha. Oops! Next time…


  3. Love this post! There is some seriously stunning architecture there! I have heard so many good things about Prague, it is towards the top of my bucket list!

    – Keyta @ The Wayfarer


  4. I’ve seen the castle but I don’t remember seeing the gardens or the Dripping Wall. I don’t know how I missed them! By the way, the view from the top of St. Vitus’s Cathedral was outstanding.


  5. Prague castle is an amazing place to visit, so beautiful. My favourite part was the changing of the guard and the thunderbirds music, quite surreal!


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