John Lennon Wall

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The John Lennon Wall was of course once a normal wall, however in the 1980s it started to be filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti, poems and pieces of lyrics from Beatles songs. The wall now represents symbols of love and peace. It is truly a spot that you must visit to view the graffiti art and read all of the writings both on the wall and in the letters posted on it. You can even be apart of the historical wall yourself by writing an inspirational quote or just leave your mark behind with your name and date, which is of course what I did! Unfortunately some people have chosen to write over some of the paintings (grrrrrr!), so I would recommend writing in places where there is already other written graffiti in order to help preserve the art that makes this wall truly special.















25 thoughts on “John Lennon Wall

  1. Now that is an awesome wall. Love all the bright and fun colors, I’m a fan of the Beatles I’d love to check this out one day!


  2. You must’ve been there at a similar time to me, all the paintings look similar- I went around July 24th, I think? 🙂 we are literally posting about the same stuff at the moment, how funny 🙂
    I didn’t like the rest of Prague (too many people, I was octopus hugging our tour guide just to get from one side of the Charles Bridge to the other without losing everyone), but I loved this, we even revisited it the following day. I wrote my graffiti under the huge HEY JUDE lettering, on a tiny piece of white on an otherwise busy canvas


  3. Very cool collection of street art and messages. As the wall began its path in the 1980’s, I’m sure many of Lennon’s words gave hope to the country as change was brewing. I hope I can get back to Prague soon, as I missed this the first time.


  4. Wow interesting piece! I’ve always been a huge fan of street art, especialy ones that are of historical value. What did you end up putting on the wall? 🙂


  5. One of my favorite parts of Prague!!!! I love how colorful it is.

    PS. I wrote “A Journey of Wonders” in the wall, I hope it’s still there next year!


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