On top of the world! Exploring Mt Pilatus

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If you ever wondered what it would be like to visit Mount Pilatus in Switzerland just close your eyes and imagine yourself on top of the world overlooking the country while being surrounded by clouds! Standing 7,000 feet high on the mountain, I had a complete panoramic view of Lake Lucerne and the Swiss Alps. It was an incredibly surreal moment. To get to there, we left from Lucerne and took a scenic boat ride along the lake which dropped us off at the foot of the mountain. 





After we’ve arrived, to get to the top we had to take the Pilatus railway which is the world’s steepest cogwheel railway. It was a relaxing, beautiful 30 minute ride to the top. Tip: Bring a sweater with you, even if you go in the summer it gets chilly on up there!







Once I made my way to the top, the views were breathtaking. You can spend the whole day exploring if you wanted to as there are many different areas of the mountain that are accessible for walking and hiking. There are also fun activities you can do such as rock climbing and the Pilatus rope park which looks like a blast! It is a daredevil’s  dream course with tightrope walking, zip lining, free falling and tree climbing. 




There are restaurants if you get hungry but I am warning you, it is not cheap. I only bought a pre-made sandwich and a small hot chocolate (couldn’t resist!) and was shocked by how much it cost. The hot chocolate was definitely worth it though.. delicious!! However, if you are not planning on spending a lot of money, I would suggest to pre pack a sandwich to bring with you. Even though I spent more than I intended, I just took a look outside and forgot all about it. I mean.. look at these views!!!




In late medieval times it was believed that a dragon lived in the mountain. There is a trail that you can take called Dragon’s Path. It looked like a creepy scene from The Lord of The Rings. The clouds surrounding us which looked like fog definitely added to it. I was waiting for Gollum to pop out! I’m glad I was with a group of friends because I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to venture there alone. The creepiness made it more fun to explore though! Unfortunately, we didn’t find any dragons.. maybe they were hiding. 😛






We came across an abandoned shed with people’s names carved in it so we were able to leave our mark behind!




Once we were ready to head back down, we had to take a cable car part of the way and then transfer to another one. If you want a more thrilling descent, you can fly down on a steel slide on the toboggan run. I didn’t know about it at the time, otherwise I would have done it! This was one of the greatest experiences of my travels and I hope that I get a chance to go again one day. I would love to see what it looks like in the winter!



30 thoughts on “On top of the world! Exploring Mt Pilatus

  1. Whoa, what incredible views! I can definitely see why it’s called Dragon’s Path – you could almost imagine a huge dragon breathing out all that fog. I would love to see it in the winter too.


  2. I’ve never been to Switzerland but seeing this post makes me want to go! Seems like quite the adventure


  3. Switzerland is one country I have yet to visit, I can only hope there’s a conference there sometime in the future. I’d do so much backpacking and trekking – I’d be in heaven.


  4. Great pics Christine! I was in Switzerland last year and totally blown away by the stunning views of the mountains- absolutely gorgeous! Although I agree with you- those prices can be terrifying!


  5. Goodness, it’s beautiful. I’ve been to Switzerland but never near there. And the restaurants up at those places are always expensive!!


  6. That’s what the lake looks like! When I was in Lucerne there was a thick fog for 2 whole days so we didn’t end up making the journey up to Mt Pilatus. It looks stunning and your pics have made me want to go now! One of the many excuses I have to go back to Switzerland.


  7. Fabulous views – I used to date a guy from Lucerne and still never made it up to the top of the mountain when I went to visit him! Love the scenery in that part of the world so I am just going to have to go back sometime and do it finally.


  8. So beautiful! I can see why they thought a dragon lived up there! I’d definitely take the toboggan run down – I bet that’s a blast!


  9. I love anything like this, the views look spectacular, I can easily see how people would think a dragon lived up there in the past, looks like a scene out of LoTR! Was the cablecar on the way back down stable?


  10. Beautiful views! I have yet to visit Switzerland but I am hoping to visit next year just for the views that I have seen in so many other pictures too.


  11. Jason would love it here! Here is the mountain lover of this couple! I had a layover in Switzerland once and flew over the alps, but thats as close as I have been. Seeing your pictures I would love to visit


  12. Gosh, the view is really spectacular from atop! I was in Lucerne for like 2 hours (I was in a tour), fell in love with this city. I think it’s the most picturesque city in Switzerland.
    If you had found any dragon(s), I don’t think we will be reading this blog post at all 😀


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